Kinetic Investment – Part I of III

From 1980 To Today

 1980 was a year of momentous changes for Wall Street investment firms and trading desks.  A spreadsheet app named Visicalc was creating “Screen Envy” across firms as early adopters created a buzz with the analytical prowess of personal computing.   The U.S. federal deficit was $900B.  Dallas was the top-rated television show.  The Star Wars sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, captured the minds and wallets of audiences worldwide.

 Fast forward thirty-three years.  The U.S. federal deficit is $17T.  Dallas’s next generation is back on TV and five additional Star Wars movies have been released.  So much has changed.  However, the basic look and feel of an investment environment remains as it did in the early 1980’s…..until today.

 We are now at flex point that can shape the 4P’s (performance, process, people, and philosophy) for the next generation of trading environments.  This intersection accounts for the evolution of computer technology, big data, the human-computing interface, and algorithmic trading.   I call this vision the Kinetic Investment Environment.